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Guns are hard to come by in most Asian countries.   Let’s take Japan as an example. Japan, with only two gun-related homicides a year by 2012, has almost eliminated shooting deaths.  Japanese feel safe just about everywhere.   However, this is not the case with most Americans.

It is understandable why the number of Japanese students has been dropping in the United States.  Fear of massive shootings in the public could be a factor for this phenomena.

How Fast Have Campus Shootings Grown in the U.S.?

A Reuters’s report titled “Shootings at U.S. colleges deadlier and more frequent, report finds” was just released.  What’s scary is the statistics show campus shootings in the past five years have increased rapidly – Shootings on college campuses have doubled. Three times as many people were injured or killed since 2005.

School Shootings (or Stabbing) Since 2000

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