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Assault and Robbery on campus?    Don’t be surprised.   It is a fact of life.

Is a college’s campus safety your concern when you select a school to attend?    If so, you should read further.

Don’t assume that criminal acts like assault and robbery don’t exist at the world’s best school like Harvard University or MIT.  Please be aware of the fact that many top national universities in the U.S. actually have been listed as “Most Dangerous Campuses” and they are under FBI’s investigation.  Several renowned schools are condemned by the media for how they have handled their students’ criminal cases, especially sexual assaults.

If a student committed a crime on campus, it should be treated as a criminal act.  It is our common sense that an assault, a robbery, or a rape is viewed as a violent crime.   Why should we look at the crimes differently just because they happen on a college campus or they were committed by college students?

Thanks to a website run by the U.S. federal government, we now can easily search for the criminal records of a school’s campus (or campuses).  “The Campus Safety and Security Data Analysis Cutting Tool” is here for you.

Presented by the Department of Education of the United States, the website is designed to “provide rapid customized reports for public inquiries relating to campus crime and fire data.”

Curious about the crime records at Harvard University?   Just key in Harvard University in the box indicating “Name of Institution” and then press search.   The answer to your curiosity will show up on the screen in less than 3 seconds.   Experience how simple and easy that is!

We all know why U.S. higher education is number one in the world.  This could be the major reason why you should study in the U.S instead of other countries.  On top of its quality in college education, the U.S. government’s care for the safety and security on college campuses is definitely a plus.