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New Zealand students are surely outstanding!  Reading news like this makes people feel great about the world’s future because of New Zealand’s bright young generation.

The New Zealand Herald, the largest newspaper circulation of all newspapers in New Zealand, published a report titled ”

Kiwi students win $12m in overseas scholarship offers from United States and British universities

and the news was released on April 3, 2017.
Exchange Rate (NZD to USD

Please note the figures mentioned in this post are all in NZ dollars.  (1 New Zealand Dollar = 0.7 U.S. Dollar currently) The total amount in overseas scholarships and grants combined for New Zealand students could be a lot more when the U.S. and U.K. schools start a new academic year this autumn.

Compared with the Record of 2016

According to one study-abroad consulting company in New Zealand,

64 NZ students have received scholarship offers totaling $12.4m this year, up from $8.7m offered to 38 students last year.

Quite impressive, isn’t it? did a simple calculation and found that the total scholarship amount in 2017 so far has increased 42.5%, compared with the previous year.

A Fine Young Brilliant Student’s Example

Antonia Young has won a $300,000 Robertson Scholarship to Duke University in North Carolina.

Antonia Young also applied for top universities in other countries, too.  Why this promising young lady finally chose a school in the U.S. over a school in her neighbor country – Australia?

She is a New Zealand representative water polo player, she already had won another scholarship to another world’s top school Sydney University.  However, she would give it up to go to the US partly because American colleges “have such a great water-polo culture”. wonders why she said “partly because” in her last statement.  After our search, we think the major reason why she has chosen Duke University is quite simple – because of its world’s rankings and because the scholarship amount is perfect!  After all, choosing a school is similar to making a shopping decision.  You want a quality product at a good price, don’t you?

Comparing Ranking

Looking at the comparison data table below, what will be your call if you were Antonia Young?

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