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The following is based on an article published by , U.S. New & World Report on September 21, 2015.     The article is titled “Ask Yourself These Questions Before You Apply Early Decision.

“The ideal time to apply Early Decision is when you are 100 percent certain that a particular school is your first choice college and when your admissions profile is polished and complete.”

Below “Early Decision” is referred as ED.   According to the article, four questions you should ask and the reason why you should do so are:

  1. “Is there a significant statistical advantage to applying ED?”    Reason: at certain schools, there is a considerably higher acceptance rate if you apply early.
  2. “Would a midyear addition to your application such as a completed internship or first semester grades enhance your overall profile?”  Reason: If your answer is yes to this question, you’d be better off to avoid ED.
  3. “Have you thoroughly vetted the school, including sitting in on a class and staying on campus overnight?”  Reason: If your answer to this question is no, set aside your early decision application for now because you are not so sure about the school.
  4. “Do you often second-guess​ your decisions or wish that you had taken more time to think through a matter?”  Reason: If your answer to this question is yes, then you should almost certainly avoid early decision.