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WalletHub published “2017’s Most & Least Educated States” last month.   Based on their findings, we raise the following two questions:

  • Are the most popular states to international students also the most educated states?
  • Is the number of a state’s top schools closely correlated with the state’s ranking in “Most & Least Educated States”?

In order to answer the questions, we used data from 3 sources for our table below:

  1. “Rank in Most Educated” – from WalletHub
  2. “Rank in Int’l Students” and “# of Int’l Students”- from The Open Doors Data
  3. “# of Top Schools”- from Schools’ websites, U.S. News & World Report, Forbes, Princeton Review

Note: “Int’l” is the abbreviation for “International”; only the top 42 states are listed in “Rank in Most Educated.”

Most Educated States  vs International Students vs Top Schools

Our Findings:

(1) The “Rank in Most Educated” is not closely correlated with the “# of Int’l Students” and the  “# of Top Schools.”

(2) The “Rank in Int’l Students” is not closely related to the “Rank in Most Educated.”


We have also found that the more top schools a state has, the more international students it attracts.   This reveals college rankings do matter to international students’ school selection.

 The Most & Least Educated States 2017
Source: WalletHub

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