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Stories: International Student (updated:1/21/2017)

Story to tell

Your Life, Your Stories.


What Education Can Do to Your Future?  Recommended Reading:



Once Upon a Time…

Many international students in the U.S. walked through rough and bumpy roads alone.  They have adventures to tell…… So YOU could be prepared.

(1) Challenges:

Cultural & social diversity, different academic integrity & education systems, difficult making friends, stricter regulations:

  1. Their American College Dreams Shattered due to Blacklisted Universities 

  2. A Chinese student from UCLA comments on the differences in higher education between China and the U.S.A.

  3. A Japanese-American student threatened that she would “shoot up” the school.


(2) Mental Illness, Depression, and Suicide:

Depression could come naturally when you are facing all kinds of challenges after your arrival in the U.S.   Once you are depressed, you may be at a high risk of suicide.   Every U.S. college has mental health counseling services.  Don’t be shy to ask for help because you are not alone.   According to a CNN report, 31% of college students sought mental health counseling in 2012-13.


(3) Committing crimes or falling victims of crimes:

When international students are out of their parents’ control, things could turn wrong easily.  Their bizarre behaviors are beyond one’s comprehension.   Here are some stories regarding international students turning into criminals or falling victims of crimes.


(4) Cheating on exams:

U.S. schools should be serious about academic cheating

To Cheat or Not to Cheat -the Chinese Question


(5) Working on campus

Working as An International Student

(6) Working off campus:

(7) Racism:

Foreign students at Washington colleges wonder: Are they still welcome?   (This news article is not all about racism but reveals problems that international students currently have in Seattle, Washington.- Jan. 21, 2017 )

(8) Car Accidents:

(9) Job Hunting:

(10) About Love:


(11) Owning a Gun:


(12) Success Stories: Empowers International Students

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