Content below is based on an article published by Alexa Gahan, USA Today, August 4, 2015.   This article addresses factors that you should take into consideration before moving off campus.  These factors include:

  1. Location: think about what the benefits are for the off-campus location.
  2. Rent and utilities: they become your responsibilities and you have to make sure that you will take care of them monthly and your bank account are sufficient for the purpose.
  3. When to apply: “the earlier, the better,” the article suggests.   However, you don’t have to rush to make a decision if you don’t feel comfortable with the moving.
  4. What type is best for you: Just remember that apartments, townhouses, and houses have some similarities and differences in functions.  It depends on what you need and what you want.
  5. Roommates: Keep in mind that your roommate(s) may not be your best friend(s) or most compatible with you.  However, a good roommate is always a plus to your soul if you could share your space with another person.
  6. When is a good time to move: the author mentioned “A good tip is to move in a few days before the school year starts so you can get situated and comfortable with there you are living.”
  7. Leases & landlords: Leases could be complicated for new international students.  Have someone who has had more social experience take a look at your lease before signing.  As an international student, you may look around and compare which landlords have better reputation.